Our amazing fundraisers are our heroes! Every challenge undertaken and every pound raised means that we can continue be there to support bereaved families, campaign for change and save babies lives.

There are so many ways you can use your passion and skills to make a difference - whether as an individual, school, family or organisation. Whatever you decide to do please know that Sands is here to support you at every step! Let us know about your fundraising by completing our fantastic fundraiser form. 

Do your own thing

You might have a brilliant idea of your own to fundraise for Sands. If so, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you're planning by completing this short form.


Or, if you're not quite sure where to start, drop us an email to fundraising@sands.org.uk and we'll help you turn your idea into a reality!

Get your group, club or association involved

Are you a member of a group, club or another association?

Share your time and skills with Sands and choose to fundraise for us.

There are lots of ways you can get involved. You might host your own event, sign up to one of ours, or choose us as your charity of the year. 


Find out more about fundraising as a group. 

Get your school or RAG involved

Whether you're a parent, teacher or student, we would love your help in involving your school in Sands' work.

With 13 babies dying every day in the UK, it's likely that at least one family in your school will have personally been affected - maybe even more. Help us break the silence around baby loss by opening up the conversation and fundraising for Sands.


Corporate Partnerships

No two partnerships are the same, Our Coporate Partnership team has years of experience working alongside businesses and companies to transform the pregnancy and baby loss sector.

Together, we will raise more funds and awareness to make the UK the safest place in the world to have a baby, and to give every family the support they need, for as long as they need. 


Bake for Sands

It’s time to put on your apron, roll up your sleeves and Bake for Sands.

Always boasting about how your banana bread is perfect? Do you bake the most wonderful chocolate chip cookies? Now is the time rise to the occasion and bake a difference for Sands at the same time.


Whether bread, cookies or cakes are your thing, doughnut just sit there! Raise some dough for Sands.

Gaming for Good

Whether you’re taking on a 12 hours gaming marathon, trying to reach a certain level in a set time or committing to at least an hour gaming every day for a month, Sands can support you with your challenge.

Visit our Gaming for Good page.

Take part in an event

At Sands, we have a huge variety of walks, runs, rides and other challenges you can take part in. Visit our event page for the full list.

If you fancy doing something physical but in your own time, you might be interested in My Marathon My Way - a virtual marathon that you can complete in a day, week, month or year, wherever you like.

If you've a daredevil and want to skydive, find out more about taking a Leap of Love for Sands here.

Finally, we have lots of virtual challenges happening throughout the year - check the Get Involved menu for the current challenge.


Fundraise for your birthday or special events

Is your birthday coming up?

Why not donate your birthday to Sands this year?  Help save the lives of babies yet to be born, and ensure that bereaved families get the support they need and deserve after the loss of their baby.


Setting up a birthday fundraiser is easier than blowing out the candles on your birthday cake! 

Set up a JustGiving page for your fundraising

Get your fundraising started and set up a JustGiving page. It is super simple and quick to do. 


Hosting a raffle can be a great way to raise funds, however, there are many rules around raffles so it is important you gather all the information and make sure yours is legal. 

If your raffle or draw is held within a 24-hour period, is in one single venue and is part of another event, you can use cloakroom tickets. This type of raffle is known as an 'incidental lottery'.

If your raffle doesn't sound like the above it could be classed as a 'Small Society Lottery' you will need a local lottery licence and printed tickets, as there are things that must be legally printed on each ticket. There are some minor exceptions to not needing a licence which are listed on the Gambling Commission website.

For more information surrounding the rules of raffles you can visit the Gambling Commission website. However, if you are ever unsure we would recommend keeping it simple: keep your raffles, part of an event, over one day at one venue. 

Fundraising resources and support

However you decide to fundraise, our fundraising resources and support will help ensure your fundraising is a success.

From guidance on raffle’s to downloadable advertising posters, we've got everything you need to get started!

If you have a question about fundraising please do check our fundraising FAQ's page before getting in touch. 


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