Sunita Bansel
Sunita Bansel, Sands | 27 January 2020

Alongside our partners, supporters and volunteers across the UK, we're a team of caring, highly skilled staff working to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, improve bereavement care and fund research to save babies' lives. In this series of blogs, you can meet a few members of the team, hear about why they chose to work for Sands, and what inspires them in their work. The charity is divided into different departments, which work closely together to provide a lifeline when a baby dies. 

Meet Sunita Bansel, who is Sands' Corporate Partnerships and Engagement Officer

What is Sunita's day to day job like?
The biggest part of Sunita's job is to account manage amazing corporate partners who have embarked on their charity of the year partnership with Sands and support them to achieve their fundraising targets. 

She finds her inspiration in...
....helping and supporting people – it’s what motivates her and inspires her the most.

The proudest moment in her career was... 
...changing from the corporate sector to the charity sector where Sunita can help make a real difference.

The best thing about Sands is...
...their vision! Sunita also loves how much like a little family we are working towards a common goal.

Fun facts!
Sunita loves travelling and exploring new places and cultures. She spent a week in the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia with a local Amazonian tribe, despite having a huge fear of spiders! (She didn’t sleep for the week but I survived without being attacked by a tarantula)

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