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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 26 February 2018

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Your names: Taking part in our challenge are Madeleine Stevenson (age 3), Katie Stevenson (age 34) and Dan Stevenson (age 30).

What are you doing to complete your #challenge15? For our challenge, Maddie will be walking 1 mile a day for 15 consecutive days starting on the 1st March 2018 and finishing on Friday 16th March.  We have chosen March as this is a special month for us. Katie and Dan (Maddie’s parents) will be walking every mile with Maddie. She has already been practising and is keen to begin her challenge!

Why are you taking part in #challenge15? We have chosen to take on the challenge as we really appreciate the work that Sands do. We lost our first daughter, Rosie Stevenson, on 27th March 2013. We had no idea how we would get through the pain, grief and feeling of hopelessness. However, we were given booklets from Sands that explained things that would happen, provide us with information on ways to deal with our grief and most importantly for us, we were given a memory box. This is so precious to us as we were able to use the camera to take pictures of our baby, use the card for hand and footprints, keep the teddy inside knowing that an identical teddy was with our baby (which we found incredibly reassuring and comforting) and we have kept the beautiful blanket that we wrapped our baby in after she was born.  Our box is stored safely and we love to look through it and remember our baby.

Also, it has been lovely to see representatives from Sands at our hospital at Christmastime when we attend a Service of Love and Remembrance for Children and Babies at the Faith Centre at Peterborough Hospital.  They were there to chat to and shared some lovely thoughts and advice with us.  We really did appreciate chatting with them and they were so interested about our story.  Now we feel that we want to give something back and help other people to receive the support that we have as we know that it has helped us so much and we really appreciate it.

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