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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 10 September 2016

Andy competed in the London 100 cycle event for Sands and he has so far raised well over £10,000. Which in itself is a phenomenal achievement. Andy cycled in the event in memory of his grandson, Lennie Aiken, who sadly died last year and never enjoyed life as it should have been.
Andy has told us how important competing in the race has been both in the run up to the event and on the day itself for him and his whole family. He said that the whole process has been particularly helpful in relation to helping them all to grieve for baby Lennie.
Andy said, “I finished the race in six hours and thirty minutes and I enjoyed it. Despite grey hair it was not as tough as I had been led to believe! I was very touched by all of the support I received from my family during the race, but also from complete strangers, who had a personal connection with Sands. For me, giving my medal that I was awarded at the end of the race to my daughter Laura, saying it was for Lennie, not me, felt like something concrete I could do for her and for my grandson.”
Carolyn Bray, Fundraising Manager said, “We really are very grateful to Andy and to all of the people who compete in such gruelling races for Sands. Many people tell us how helpful they have found the experience in relation to helping them to cope with their grief, and we are constantly in awe of the feats that Fundraisers like Andy achieve, all in aid of Sands. We would like to thank Andy, his family, his supporters and all of our superhero fundraisers for all of their support. ”
If you would like to compete in an event for Sands please do not hesitate to contact us at: or visit our website page to find out more about what events you could take part in:

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