Since Sands was founded in 1978, a key aim has been to work collaboratively with health professionals to improve Bereavement Care for parents affected by pregnancy or baby loss.

Health care professionals can have a positive influence on how families experience their care after pregnancy loss or the death of their baby. 

Good care can’t take away the pain of the death of a baby but can help parents through this devastating time.

High quality bereavement care involves 9 core standards:

  1.  Enabling informed choice 
  2.  Having bereavement rooms  
  3.  Creating memories 
  4.  Having a bereavement Lead 
  5.  Staff being trained 
  6.  Staff having the support they need 
  7.  Systems in place to communicate the death to all parties 
  8.  Having a parent-led care plan 
  9.  Bereaved parents being assessed for emotional & mental health needs  

We are so sorry if you have been affected by pregnancy or baby loss. Sands is here to provide support for as long as you need it. Find out more about all the ways we can help.

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