Losing a baby is an isolating, devastating and life-changing experience, and it’s vital that anyone affected has somewhere to turn to for support.

Connections are made every day – they are all around us. Often, we can choose who and what we connect with. But some of the most powerful connections are made when we are brought together through shared experiences.
For so many parents, the moment you find out you are expecting a baby, a lifelong connection is made. For some bereaved parents, these connections grow and can make a memorable difference to their world.
That is why the Sands community is so important - we are all connected – and is why we are asking you to donate to our campaign, Together, we are Sands.

“Sands was my lifeline; I felt the connection with others who shared similar stories, which made such a difference to my healing.”

Hayley,  mum to George.

By donating, you too are playing an important role in our community. You are helping to save babies’ lives and support bereaved families.


How your donation will help

Your donation will help provide bereavement support services to families and anyone affected by baby loss right across the UK. It will also help us continue our campaigning and research to help understand how we can save more babies’ lives.

Together, we will support families.

Together, we will save lives.

Together, we will make a difference.

And, together, we are Sands.

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