"I volunteer for my daughter Isobel who was stillborn in July 2016. "

"I had a low-risk pregnancy but a few days before she was due, we were told her heart had stopped beating.  After Isobel I had her brothers, Bruce, 6 and Rodger, 2.  My experience changed me and made me more empathetic as a person and gave me a more empathetic parenting style.

"I originally went to a Sands meeting as I had intrusive feelings about getting pregnant again, I found great support there, but I also found solace in gardening in the months after Isobel died whilst I was on maternity leave. It was this that led me to wanting to create an outdoor space for families.


"I have taken a derelict plot of land on an allotment site, with waist high weeds and so many stones, and turned it into a beautiful and creative space for families. I have to think on my feet a lot, initial plans had to be changed and adapted, literally to match the lay of the land!

"I had to learn how to build retaining walls as the land was on so many different levels. I can be found digging, planting, weeding, organising gardeners and planning for the seasons – it’s really varied, and hopeful. 

"There is something about planting things that is about hope and excitement for the future."

Kate Breen, Bereaved Mum

"My favourite element of the space is the heuchera rainbow that was planted. Rainbows have such significance in the baby loss community.  Even the supplier of the heuchera commented on the brilliance of this grouping of plants and wants to create his own rainbow.  I am also grateful that the allotment has become a space for siblings, where they can see their families love lock on our Love-Lock Tree.


"Nobody has ever said to me after volunteering at the garden ‘I wish I hadn’t come’. We are fully accessible and lots of thought has gone into the garden’s creation.  There are lots more ideas too, more seating and hosting more events.  With all gardens, there will always be planting and weeding to do. Only by talking about baby loss will it become less taboo – and also acknowledging the knock-on effect it has, both to the family and to the wider community.

"We also installed a 'Love Lock' archway, and seeing families add their locks is really impactful.

"My own son, Bruce loves the lock he has on there for his sister, Isobel."

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