I volunteer for my son, Vaughn - which means 'little' in Welsh - who I lost in 2018."

"At my 20 week scan they found that he would not survive pregnancy and birth, we had a TFMR and he was stillborn at 21+5. Volunteering for Sands is my way to be his Mum.

"I’m the Chair of Stockport Sands, and my role is really varied, it can involve discussions on our committee WhatsApp, sorting venues, planning activities, or sorting logistics for our next support meeting.


Anne Edwards, pictured far left.

"From my own experience, I found walking into my first support meeting really daunting. We’ve worked hard to offer a wide range of accessible support to enable people to access Stockport Sands.

"We’ve tried a few different activities such as hiring a barge and taking people on a canal trip. It was lovely to combine the outdoors with a safe place for people to share.

"I’m proudest that we survived lockdown. We moved our meetings to online right away and as soon as restrictions were lifted, we started walk and talk sessions. We never stopped being there for bereaved families.

"I might be the Chair, but Stockport Sands wouldn’t be anything without the other befrienders Amie, Catherine, Sandra, and Suzi and a special thanks to our former vice chair Rachel for all she gave over the last few years."

Anne Edwards, Bereaved Mum

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