October 2017 found out I was expecting my third baby my first pregnancy I had a miscarriage at 6/40 weeks which has was a huge blow but soon after fell pregnant with my daughter Emily-Rose who has now just turned one.

Had loads of bleeding thought the first trimester of this pregnancy had scans baby was fine had strong heartbeat, 4th January 2018 came was my dating scan and testing for downs syndrome we went into the room expecting everything to be fine as other scans were but hit with a blow our baby had a 7mm cystic hygroma and hydrops at 12+3 weeks we were immediately told our baby had done 2% chance of survival but we didn't give up we were transferred to the rvi hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne where they scanned me a again I was now 13+1 our babys hygroma had grew up to 12mm almost doubled I was shocked and upset immediately wanted a cvs done ( take bits of placenta tissue for analysis for chromasome abnormalitys) after a long four days we got the results our baby was a girl and had turners syndrome and 98% of turners syndrome baby's don't make a live birth but we didn't want to give up but then a huge blow, pain and erratic bleeding and fluid leaking 25-02-18 we had a sc an baby was lifeless they couldn't find a heartbeat they kept me in and was going to set me off with a medical induction the next morning.

15+3weeks I lost her in a missed miscarriage.

9:20am 26-01-18 I had two pessaries inserted and at 10:10am my waters broke, now it was a waiting game.

12:00 pm I had another two tablets oral and just after 1:00 pm I gave birth to the most beautiful angel Nevaeh, we had her with us for couple hours which is lovely and some came in to take professional photos for a keepsake and they took her away do it didn't become harder for us to let them take her and later that night they brought her back so I could say final goodbyes xx

Hospital have arranged a funeral and cremation for her on 07-02-18 where we get to say goodbye one final time.