Two souls came together in a later year
Grateful to have put behind them all their cares and fears

To start a family, the desire came soon
To be blessed with a child; we’d be over the moon

Get settled and ready; you just need to wait
Wait for a while; it isn’t too late!

Patience, patience; belief and trust
Keeping the faith was an absolute must

The hope the child would come was hard to contain
To relinquish control was always the aim

Hope was raised then dashed; brought to depths of despair
Anger, frustration; emotions beware

A belief so strong we knew it would be
A blessing of a child we could finally decree

Then finally she came and stayed; the baby we had long for prayed

The gift of this soul had been bestowed; a role we had hoped for; to watch her grow

Blessed and grateful beyond belief; no more frustration, sadness or grief
The role of a guide we are to play; giving love, light and knowledge along the way

The girl is Isabella; so graceful and wise
A definite old soul; an angel in disguise

Surrounded by angels, protected on Earth
Destined for greatness; we are blessed with your birth