Cameron Frazer Shaw

From day one you brought nothing but Joy
The delight on both parents faces, I know was pure ace
All sat round the table in a normal 'Shaw' style
Your Dad shared the news with such a proud smile
Our hearts skipped as we all hugged and shared our happiness of you, their special gift
Still in your mothers womb, but already shining light our way
Six more months still ahead, we really didn't want to wait!

Your father has taken pictures of your mother’s new size
Sharing each day that you grew with excitement growing too
Everyday the countdown continued as we just had to sit and wait
Doctors appointments to see you wave, come on you're already late!

So today is the day, the day for change
Nothing will ever be the same
I wish I could say it's just like we dreamed
But dear Cameron I love you all the same

I didn't get to hold you, but I kinda helped pick your name
You will always be my first nephew, the special one that I never seen.
Your time in Tracy's womb gave us so much happiness
I'm so grateful to have been able to share love with them through you, 
So thanks Cam for that was just great!
I'm not sure why we never got to meet but one day I know we will
And I'm sure you will be wearing your Scottish shoes as you are a Shaw after all.

So tell me Cameron, what's it like up there?
Although I wish you were here you're in a safer place, which brings us some comfort
I don't have to worry about you because heaven is so the place to be
I mean just look at the amazing people there with you, hey there Pop, isn't he just great!

Cameron, now a guiding angel for your proud parents to feel
They miss you and love you and are finding it hard to believe
Cameron you're going to be the star to carry us through
And help make heaven an even more special place.

x  Auntie Mel  x