Christmas is a time for giving. At Sands, parents give us a most valuable gift.

They share with us the story of their baby and their experience of loss. Their stories have helped us to improve maternity safety.

But with still 13 babies a day dying here in the UK, we know there are more lives that should be saved.

Help us to save a life this Christmas. Please donate today.


Bhavna and Vijay who feature in our film, supported Sands work to save babies’ lives because they were determined to create a legacy in their son Joshan’s name. “We believe that research to understand why babies die is so important for many reasons. Whilst it doesn’t take away the waves of grief that hit you, it does help to create much-needed change in practice and culture so that more babies’ lives are saved” Read more about Bhavna and Vijay's story and why they want to save more babies’ lives. Can you help families like them to remember their babies by helping to save future generations? Donate today and help us to save a life this Christmas.

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