Sands are working to produce a National Bereavement Care Pathway in collaboration with other charities and with the support of the Department of Health and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Baby Loss.

Pregnancy loss and the death of a baby is not a rare occurrence. Thousands of parents each year will experience the devastation of their baby dying before, during or shortly after birth or within the first years of life.

The quality of care that bereaved families receive when their baby dies can have long-lasting effects.  Good care cannot remove parents’ pain and grief, but it can help parents through this devastating time. Poor care can and does make things much worse.

The bereavement care received by parents varies hugely regionally.  All bereaved parents should be offered the same high standard of parent-centered, empathic and safe care when a baby dies.

Do you currently use a bereavement care pathway when a baby dies? If so, please share this with Sands so that we can best inform our work on this national bereavement care pathway. The feedback form below will allow you to share your experiences and ideas with us. We will acknowledge all pathways received. If you would like to share any additional documentation, including the pathway(s) and guidance documents, please email these separately to Ross Jones, Sands’ Improving Bereavement Care Coordinator –


By August 2017 Sands will have:

  • hosted four stakeholder workshops, each aimed at different groups
  • completed a gap analysis of current pathways, guidance and research
  • circulated a draft National Bereavement Care Pathway to stakeholders for comment


We will engage with professionals, parents, decision makers and influencers. We will build on existing guidance, research and pathways.


The National Bereavement Care Pathway will be parent-centred, coordinated, be flexible to the individual needs and preferences of parents and promote a holistic approach to each parents’ health, care and support needs.

Core Group Members

Charities: Sands; ARC (Antenatal Results & Choices); Bliss; Lullaby Trust; Miscarriage Association.

Professional bodies: Neonatal Nurses Association; Royal College of Midwives; Royal College of Nurses; Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.

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