The Scottish Perinatal and Infant Mortality and Morbidity Report (SPIMMR) 2012 was published yesterday. In response to the findings Sands issued this statement:

Sands welcomes the SPIMMR report which highlights a significant fall  in stillbirth rates in Scotland over the past 10 years, and the lowest stillbirth rate ever recorded in 2012.

Scotland has prioritised stillbirth reduction since 2009 when a Sands’ petition, stillbirth report and media campaign, along with a SPIMMR 30 year review of perinatal deaths, drew attention to the unacceptably high levels of baby deaths and outlined key areas for action.

The Scottish Stillbirth Working Group, chaired by Dr Catherine Calderwood, has pushed through new initiatives to improve the detection of babies at risk of stillbirth and to learn lessons when a baby does die. Sands has strongly supported this work and we have been pleased to share this approach through the rest of the UK.

Sands’ chief executive Neal Long said, “It’s very encouraging to see the stillbirth rate at a new low in Scotland, confirming that many of these baby deaths can be prevented where there is determination and support to do so. While there is still more to do and no room for complacency, we believe the willingness to talk openly about these tragic deaths and take responsibility nationally for reducing them, is the way forward.”