Have you ever stood and looked up into the clear night sky
Wondering if your soul is out there dancing amid the countless others?
Have you ever looked into the face of another and read the lines so finely etched?
Have you ever looked between the words that have not been spoken?

Have you ever felt like the protective lion that has nothing to protect?
Have you ever left your known existence to walk another path?
Have you ever cried endless tears, alone and broken?
Have you ever shared purest love, love that you would not normally express?

Have you ever felt something grow but have it taken away before its flower?
Have you ever watched a child and think that is what should be?
Have you ever been part of a conversation in which you do not fit?
Have you ever had to climb an emotional mountain never to reach the summit?

Have you ever nurtured a memory in order to give life to the already departed?
Have you ever been asked how you are feeling and known that the question was real?
Have you ever been kept awake from fear that everything in your world will leave you?
Have you ever caught a moment and cherished it for the peace that it brings?

Have you ever smiled and danced in the rain knowing that one day you will rise?
Have you ever just simply breathed to let yourself be free?
Have you ever hidden away from the world, just for a while, so that you can face another day?
Have you ever found comfort from the gentle flicker of a simple flame?

Have you ever held out your hand to another, knowing that this is the only thing you can do?
Have you ever felt your blessing is not understood for what it should be?
Have you ever stood and looked up into the clear night sky
Knowing that your soul is out there dancing in the company of others?

By Ruthie
Grace Florence Jyldyz's Mummy, Born 13/08/05