She was not ours for long
She's up in heaven now
Running, playing and singing songs
And so my little angel
This is written just for you
To let you know
How much your daddy and I miss you so.

When I look up to the sky
On a very starry night
The tiniest star I see
is our angel shining bright
I never got to tuck you in
Or hear your bedtime prayers
Or read to you the story
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

I never got to kiss your face
Or hold your little hand
Why god took our little angel 
We try to understand
This year on christmas eve
We'll hang an ornament on the tree
It will be a little angel
Like the one who waits for me.

When I die and go to heaven
The first thing i want to see 
Are my darling little angels arms
Reaching out for me.

Love Mummy and Daddy x