The Cardiff-based security technology company Oprema has announced they will be proudly supporting Sands throughout 2022, helping us support bereaved families and save babies’ lives.

Oprema staff will be invited to take part in a range of activities including Face-off February (going make-up free), rugby sweepstakes and even a wing walking challenge!

“This year, we’re pleased to be partnering up with  pregnancy and baby loss charity, Sands.

 For more than 40 years Sands has been achieving incredible things by supporting bereaved parents and families and leading research to save babies’ lives – which is exactly why our staff have voted them in as our 2022 charity.

With support from individuals and organisations like ours, Sands is reducing the number of babies dying in the UK every year. And what’s more, they’re pushing constantly to take down the elephant in the room and open up the conversation around baby loss, parental grief, and its impact on so many worldwide.

We’re proud to have the opportunity to support Sands in 2022, and look forward to spending the year doing what we can to help in their mission.”

Zoe Poulton, Head of Marketing, Oprema Ltd


On average in the UK, 13 babies die every day before, during or shortly after birth.

These statistics tell the continuing tragic story of all the babies who have died. Understanding why babies die is vital if we are to save more lives and that’s why Sands is working tirelessly with bereaved parents and collaborating with world-leading researchers and clinicians to find the answers.

It’s thanks to our supporters and partners like Oprema that Sands has been able to play a central role in reducing the death rates from 17 babies a day in 2009 to 13 babies a day in 2020. But there is so much more to do.


“I’m excited to welcome Oprema as a partner of Sands Our partnership with Oprema  will be hugely beneficial in  raising vital funds to continue Sands’ work.

“Tragically, pregnancy loss and baby deaths are not rare. The chances are, everyone will know someone who has been through this. Valuable partnerships like the one we have with Oprema, help to reach many more people who may need our support services, and we can help with training and resources so that bereavement support is available to anyone affected by baby loss.

“On behalf of everyone at Sands, a big thank you to everyone at Oprema for joining our fight to save babies’ lives and ensure that when a baby does die anyone affected gets the support they need.”

Daniel Brett-Schneider, Director of Income and Engagement, Sands


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