We're thrilled to have clinched two awards at the ScottishPower Foundation Awards 2023, securing £20,000 in recognition of our support to bereaved families across the UK. 

Earlier this year, Sands benefited from a £95,000 grant from ScottishPower Foundation for our volunteer befriending programme. 

This awards ceremony allowed us to spotlight other areas of Sands’ work and we were delighted to win the following two awards: 

The Community Engagement Award recognises the vital work of our Hospital Liaison Volunteers, who are instrumental in bridging the gap between bereaved parents and healthcare professionals and ensuring access to Sands' invaluable resources after baby loss. 


(Left to right: Joanne - Bereavement Support Services Coordinator - Scotland, Alia - Hospital Liaison Coordinator, Fiona - Hospital Liaison Volunteer) 

“I’m delighted that the work of Sands’ Hospital Liaison Volunteers has been recognised with this prestigious award. It is a wonderful acknowledgement of our volunteers on the ground who work tirelessly to link up bereaved families, hospital staff who provide essential bereavement care, and Sands UK. The award also stands as a tribute to the thousands of babies who have died and strengthens our resolve and commitment to continue to work together to save babies’ lives.”

Alia Hussain, Hospital Liaison Volunteer Coordinator at Sands

The Community Champion Award is presented to an outstanding individual who has gone the extra mile to help a charity achieve its goals. 

Sands nominated Peter Byrom, father to Thomas, who was stillborn in 2004. Pete knew first-hand how isolating it can feel for men following baby loss, and helped found Sands United Football Club in Bristol, to bring men together through a shared love of sport, find a support network, and feel more at ease talking about their grief. 

“It’s very humbling to win the award and I'm very grateful to ScottishPower Foundation for it. This is for Thomas and all the other babies whose parents and volunteers are brave enough to share their stories and show other bereaved families that there is a path. Hoping to get some time in the next few days to go where Thomas is buried and share this with him”. 

Peter Byrom, Sands United Sports and Wellbeing Coordinator

The awards each come with a prize of £10,000 to help continue supporting our vital work. 

Thank you, ScottishPower Foundation, for your ongoing support of Sands and for standing with us in our mission. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of many families, to ensure when a pregnancy is lost, or a baby dies, anyone affected gets the support and care they need.

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