Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council, Angela Scott, has reviewed the National Cremation Investigation Report (published in June 2016)  and instructed a one day inspection carried out by the Inspector of Crematoria Scotland in order to compile a report. This report was published on 17 August 2016 and it sets out than 10 recommendations for Aberdeen Crematorium. 

You can view the news release about this report here. 

You can view the report here

Dr Clea Harmer, Chief Executive of Sands, said: “Sands is pleased to see this issue is receiving the attention it demands. We know, from over 30 years of supporting bereaved families, how distressing this issue is for those affected.

“We're also pleased to see further investigation into the practises at crematoria and a commitment to improving services.

“In particular we are pleased to note the recommendation to establish an interagency Bereavement Services Group and the recommendation that the Head of Public Infrastructure and Environment develop a suite of compliance measures which would be routinely reported to both the Communities, Housing and Instructure Committee and the Corporate Health and Safety Committee to evidence continued compliance by the crematorium service, as well as performance measures to evidence external comparison where such benchmarks exist.

“It is so important that the infrastructure is in place to audit practise and improve services.

“To see these and other positive steps in improving practise is promising.  We hope to see this work continue with the same level of commitment and consideration.

“Sands also notes todays apology from Steve Grimmond, Fife Council’s Chief Executive. This goes some way to acknowledge the impact of poor practice on so many bereaved parents.

"For parents, having ashes that are associated with their baby, however few, to scatter or bury, is of huge significance. Denying bereaved parents this choice adds unnecessarily to their pain and distress and can have life-long effects.

“Sands is available to support any parent who may have been affected.”