Sands has welcomed a report published today which sets out a series of recommendations aimed at helping to reduce the number of women who smoke during their pregnancy.

The report, published today by the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group led by The Lullaby Trust and the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies (UKCTCS), says that one baby dies every day in the UK due to smoking in pregnancy.   

Charlotte Bevan, Research and Prevention Advisor at Sands, says while the risks associated with smoking while pregnant have long been documented, current figures show that one in eight women continue to smoke while pregnant.

“Figures show that smoking during pregnancy causes up to 2,200 premature births, 5,000 miscarriages and 300 perinatal deaths every year in the UK.  Sands has always advised mums-to-be and their partners that stopping smoking can help their baby’s wellbeing, but the latest statistics show there is much to be done to reduce the number of babies affected, both in terms of heightened awareness of the risks and better support for mothers who want to give up.”

To read a full copy of the report, click here.

To read the press release issued by the Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group, click here.