Sands estimates that had stillbirth and neonatal death rates for Black and Asian babies been the same as for White babies, 432 fewer babies would have died in 2019 in England and Wales.

Take our e-action, write to your MP and ask them to call for a confidential enquiry into Asian & British Asian baby deaths

Governments across the UK have committed to reducing baby deaths, and while overall rates have gone down, babies from minority ethnic backgrounds are still at an increased risk of death. 

New analysis released by MBRRACE-UK shows that the combined impact of ethnicity, deprivation and mother’s age can significantly increase the risk of baby deaths. 

We know that confidential enquiries are successful in driving down death rates and improving outcomes. An enquiry into the deaths of Black babies in the UK is already underway, but the Government must do more and find the money to secure a second enquiry into Asian baby deaths. 

Ask your MP to write to Minister Maria Caulfield and call for a confidential enquiry.

Baby deaths can and must be reduced - help to make this a reality - one death is one too many.

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