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There are different ways that you can get involved in research, one of which is taking part in studies. Researchers often want to hear about the experiences of bereaved parents and family members and work with them to ensure that research is relevant and useful. Some of the research studies we support will also want to hear from healthcare professionals about their experiences. Below is a list of research studies that are currently looking for people to take part. For a given study, you can click on the Plain English summary text to read more about the research. If the project interests you, click 'Take Part' to find out more about the opportunity.

Please be aware that the end dates for expressing interest to take part in a study are not fixed and can change at any time. If a research study has all the participants it needs before the date specified, the opportunity to take part may be closed early and will be removed from this list.

If you are viewing the database on a mobile device, please make sure it is in landscape orientation. We would recommend viewing this on a device with a larger screen.

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List of all opportunities to get involved with research studies

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