Sands - Information and support for relatives and friends

This section is written for grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, colleagues and friends of the parents. Each of you reading this might have had a different relationship with the baby and their family. We are very sorry that a baby who was important to you has died. We know that this is a very sad and difficult time for the baby’s parents, for you and for the whole family. It is important that you access support yourself if you need it and be aware of the impact that the death has had on you and those around you. This chapter includes the following sections: 

  • Grieving for the baby
  • Care from health professionals
  • Seeing and holding the baby
  • Creating memories
  • Remembering the baby
  • 0ffering support
  • Getting support for yourself
  • Using the baby’s name
  • Supporting partners
  • Adoptive parents and foster parents
  • Becoming parents through surrogacy and surrogate mothers
  • Relationships between couples
  • Single parents
  • Younger parents
  • Funerals
  • Helping around the house
  • Clearing away baby things
  • 0ther pregnancies and births
  • 0ther relatives and friends
  • 0ther children
  • Fundraising in memory
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