I am 71 yrs of age and a father of two children and grandfather to six. I began writing poetry after I retired. This poem was written in honour of my younger sister who was born in December and passed away in Easter the following year. Now some 67 yrs ago the memories are still there. 

Angels passing through

Angels passing though Lord
just angels passing through.
I had the heartbeat with me lord
and that rhythm that we knew.

Just angels passing through.

Angels passing through mum
just angels passing through.
The lord saw you there mum
and sent me to be with you.

Just angels passing through.

Each moment through our journey He knew that you
would care.Just angels
passing through mum
we will be waiting at
his chair.

Just angels passing through.

Each moment that we shared mum I held as a precious flower.
An angel passing through mum
a moment, minute or an hour.

Just an angel to be with you.