The day began like all the rest,
I stroked my bump and took a breath
Then pains got worse but I stayed strong,
Though in my heart the pain felt wrong,
I guess deep down I always knew,
The days I had with you were few,
I felt your kicks i heard your heart,
But still I knew we were to part.
Then evening came the time had come,
To finally meet with you my son,
Just past nine your heart stopped beating
Then time stood still we had our meeting.
Your skin so smooth your eyes shut tight,
I held you close throughout the night
The sun then rose the morning came
Nothing at all could ease my pain
I kissed your head and said goodbye
You now have wings you're free to fly,
Keep on flying son don't stop
Until we meet again on top
Of the clouds that fly so high
The clouds that brighten up our sky
Where I can hold you tight again
The pain then stops the hurt then ends