My first baby with husband Antony, although I had a 5 year old little girl Sophie who was so excited to be a big sister! It had been straight forward and I was so excited to have one of each as we had found out I was having a boy!

One morning at 37 weeks pregnant I noticed he seemed to be quiet but as I was busy getting things ready I brushed my fears aside as having previously an easy straight forward pregnancy you think it won’t happen to you!

Later that evening I went to bed still unsure if I had felt as many movements?! I woke up at 5 that morning for the toilet as I got back in bed an uneasy feeling kept me awake as I prodded my stomach I called my mum and woke my husband!

We went to hospital and we were taken into a room where a midwife examined me and couldn’t find a heartbeat, my heart started racing as a scan was being arranged to confirm what they were basically already telling me. The thought of giving birth filled me with with dread but I was told this was my only option, I was given tablets to take and time to come in 2 days later to give birth. I went home with my big bump and can’t explain the emotions I had which will stay with me forever.

2 days later I went back and was started on a drip which started my labour very quickly. 4 hours later I gave birth to my perfect baby boy 5lbs 3 gorgeous baby boy Oliver Thomas. Words can’t explain how it felt to give birth to your baby who you know won’t cry. Oliver Thomas my first born son 💙

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