At 37 weeks pregnant one evening I had an awful feeling I hadn’t felt our baby move, but as I was busy with my other child who was nearly 5 at the time I presumed I’d missed the movements but as I went to bed that night I waited for his usual kicks and rolls which never happened. I fell asleep and woke early and woke my partner and he ran me a hot bath and made me a drink as I rang the maternity suite.

When I arrived and had the Doppler placed on my stomach the feeling of dread cane over me as they found no heartbeat! We asked for a scan to confirm our fears .I couldn’t bear to look as they turned the screen!

I couldn’t believe this was happening to me I’d only gone on maternity that week all our hopes and dreams gone. They informed us I had to take a tablet and go home for 2 days then come back in to give birth.

I came back in 2 days later with my mum and partner after another pessary and 8 hours later my gorgeous baby boy Oliver Thomas was born. I had been so scared to look at him but as soon as he was born I couldn’t put him down! He spent the night with us, and we had hand, footprints and photos taken memories made for such a short time.

A reason was never found for why we lost Oliver. We have gone on to have 2 more sons and a daughter. Although nearly 9 years have passed he is forever in my heart and such a big part of our family.

Never forgotten. OTK x