I was pregnant at 21 and although it wasn't planned I soon came round and was thrilled. My pregnancy went well and I bloomed and enjoyed being pregnant.

I lived with my parents at the time and one night I didn't feel right. I had a show when going to the toilet. I told my mam who called the doctor out. I remember he was horrible and said 'it's OK she's just having a miscarriage'. I was 26 weeks at the time. We went to maternity and all the doctors and nurses rallied round me. My waters broke, I was in labour.

Not long after I was given an injection to bring it on. James Adam was born feet first. He was stillborn. 1lb 4 and a half ounces and he was pretty long too. He looked perfect all his little fingers and toes there. I held him in my arms and gave him a cuddle and kiss. I got a priest to come and bless and anoint him in a naming ceremony. It was very special to me. I had him with me overnight but he was taken away from me. I was so upset. It is 24 years this March since this happened and it's still raw.