All I ever wanted
Was to hold you in my arms,
To kiss you and to cuddle you
And keep you safe from harm.
But you'd gone before I had the chance
To tell you that I care,
All I'm left with is your footprint,
A photo, a lock of hair.

It hurts so much to talk about
The things that have gone wrong.
Your mum keeps being reminded
Of you funeral song.
We sit and cry night after night
We try to fix the blame,
But to blame someone would be so wrong,
The outcome just the same.

So we've placed you in a special place
That you can call your own
You can sleep there safe and sound
In your village home.
And Jack you know we love you
As you look down from above,
Your special star shines on us all
From Daddy, All my love.

Jack died 10 minutes before his birth