Alex was a happy baby, safe and sound inside of me, for 41 weeks.

First son after twin girls, first baby for me and my partner. We were scared, but we were ready. Everything was textbook and perfect until the day he was born and the day of induction.

Turns out his cord had become completely detached from his stomach, an occurrence so rare that no medical professional since has heard of it, but it happened to him. He was born by emergency C-Section not breathing, the doctors resuscitated him, but not before the oxygen damage to his brain had been done.

On Friday 13th February we made the decision, with the doctors, to turn off his life support as he could no longer breath alone and his organs were failing. Alex died 7.30pm that day, slightly less than 3 days old.

We miss you Alex. Your three sisters and your new sister Heidi, Mummy and Daddy all love you so much. Until we meet again.