We never got to tell you

How much we love you so

And when we held you in our arms

We didn't want to let you go


We never got to hear your laugh

Or see your little smile

Play with you in a bubble bath

Or just cuddle you for a while


We never got to comfort you

When you were frightened in the night

And hold you tightly in our arms

So you'd know every thing’s alright


We never got to show you

How much to us you meant

Our hearts have truly broken

And there will forever be a dent


So we hold on to our memories

Of which we hold so dear

Always remember the happiness

You gave us when you were here


Your safe now little princess

And with every day to pass

There's nothing for you to fear

Dancing with butterflies amongst the stars


So sleep now little angel

We'll be together again some day

But for now until the day we are

Safe in the angels arms you'll stay


Our love for you is endless

And no matter how near or far

We'll place it on the wings of doves

And they will fly to where you are


We miss you little princess

And with every day that goes

Your always be our perfect angel

                Our baby

             "Keira - rose"

By james murden (daddy)