Tonight I saw an angel
The tiniest angel of all
My baby angel is peaceful
He doesn’t want to cry
His heart is beating slowly
Translucent skin and eyes
His veins revealing life
The finest work of art

Baby, are you there?
Baby, I implore you
Will you be there for me?

They say your eyes are closed
But I swear you look at me
They say you breathe no more
But I swear you exhale my air

I touch your hands and pray
Which God can save me now?

Tonight I met an angel
He blessed me with his life

They say you’re dead, my soul
But I know these are all lies
Mummy will never leave you
And so you’ll never die.

In loving memory of Mirage, born 5th April 2007. He lived 40 minutes and will be missed immensely.