I Cried Last Night I cried last night, and that’s okay.

A river‘ll burst it’s banks someday.

Either filling up slowly drip after drop,

Or flash-floods thunder over the top;

Tears spill silent, snaking their way,

Or torrents pour, but that’s okay.

I cried last night, yet time has passed.

Am I not ‘over it’ at last?

That precious seed never blossomed to flower,

The delicate bud that will always be ours.

It’s absence left a hole so vast,

The pain still there, yet time has passed.

I cried last night, because you’ll never be.

So many things I’ll never see,

Watching you giggle,and grow so tall,

I’ll miss your milestones,one and all.

A stark reminder it is to me,

You’ll always be ours, but you’ll never ‘be.’

I cried last night, nothing fills the hollow.

You won’t be replaced, no matter what follows.

My beautiful jigsaw piece was stole,

And without it I can never be whole.

Life does keep going, I don’t wallow,

But that piece of my world will always be hollow.

I cried last night, please understand,

If I feel I’m sinking in the sand.

Others will busy my hands, it’s true,

But my arms will ALWAYS ache for YOU.

My tears for you overflow somedays,

So I cried last night and that’s okay.

By Sarah Ward

Arlo’s Adventure