Tracy's son Alexander was stillborn.. She writes:

During this heart breaking time, we have had fantastic support from our families and friends.  My 16 year old nephew, Jake, wrote the following poem for us and he has agreed that I can request that you share this on your web site.  The poem has brought my partner and I great comfort, and I hope that it will help others too. 

Whenever we feel sad, we always manage a smile, no matter how small, for our beautiful son, Alexander.

My heart is gone, but I'm still there,
In your heart and in the air.
There is no pain that I can feel, 
Just the upset, but I will heal. 
Do not cry, for I am here, 
Wherever you are, I am so near.
Tracy, my mum and Alan, my dad,
Smile for me when you are sad.

by Jake for his cousin.