Radio 4’s Women’s Hour presenter Jane spoke to Millie Smith who shared her experience of the death of one of her twin babies, Skye, who died a few hours after birth on 30 April. Millie found out Skye would not survive but chose to continue with her pregnancy to give Skye’s sister a better chance of survival. She spoke about the bereavement care she received both before and after her daughter died, she had the use of a bereavement suite and received good care from a specialist bereavement midwife, and the Foundation she has since set up to support parents. She is also campaigning for purple Butterfly stickers to be placed on the cots of surviving siblings as a result of a very unfortunate experience she had following an insensitive comment made to her while she was on the neonatal unit that cared for her surviving twin.  

Cheryl explained that Sands would like to see bereavement midwives in all hospitals and that we promote this as good practice for bereavement care.

You can listen here from about 10.30 minutes in:

There are links available on the Women’s Hour website to the Sands website for anyone affected.