The Sunday Express looks at some of the current research and prevention methods, either in place or those that are needed, in order to reduce the number of baby deaths in the UK. 

Charlotte Bevan, Senior Research and Prevention Officer at Sands, spoke to the Sunday Express’ Health Editor, Lucy Johnston, about more focus being needed on deaths than may be preventable. Lucy Johnston also spoke to Professor Alan Cameron, Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, about their new government funded five year ‘Every Baby Counts’ projects and also to Dr Alex Heazell, lecturer in Obstetrics at the University of Manchester and Clinical Director of the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre about why research and funding for this research is so important.

Bereaved parent, Emma Johnston, shared her personal experience and spoke about her daughter Daisy who was stillborn in 2011. 

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