New stillbirth research published last week by the Lancet medical journal resulted in unprecedented interest from the media, and as a result Sands featured on national television, radio, and in hundreds of regional newspaper stories.

The shocking news that the UK has one of the three highest stillbirth rates out of all high income countries  caused a media frenzy,  and journalists clamoured for interviews with Sands staff and bereaved parents willing to share their personal experiences.

The new research undoubtedly put the spotlight on stillbirth issues and gave Sands a national platform to highlight the fact that the growing number of babies stillborn every day within the UK is totally unacceptable, and that something now needs to be done to bring this number down. 

Sands would like to say an enormous thank you to the bereaved parents who showed unwavering support and gave their time to talk to journalists on television and radio about their personal losses.

Visit the Sands media centre to see highlights of the press coverage here