Findings from a national project after its three-year UK-wide national enquiry into Obesity in Pregnancy.

“Obesity has long been recognised as a risk factor for stillbirth. This risk is highlighted once again in today’s report. It is now crystal clear that women should be made fully aware of the risks of obesity during pregnancy, and encouraged to achieve a healthy weight before getting pregnant.

The report also highlights the need for health care staff to acknowledge the link between obesity and stillbirth and to adapt the care that an obese mother receives during pregnancy, labour and afterwards.

17 babies are stillborn or die shortly after birth every day in the UK. This is already an unacceptable level.  There is a very real danger that growing levels of obesity in the general population will lead to yet more stillbirths. This will result in yet more parents being devastated by the death of their babies.”

Neal Long, Chief Executive, Sands