As part of our on-going Why17? campaign  we joined forces with the charities Bliss and TinyLife, who share similar concerns to our own, to launch a new briefing paper for Northern Ireland, called Every Baby Matters at a very successful launch at the Northern Ireland Assembly on Tuesday 23rd March 2010. To download a pdf of the briefing paper click here »

We had an excellent turnout of MLAs, many of whom are supporting our campaign and looking to work closely with us in the future. We also had attendance from three party leaders, great support from the influential health committee and attendance from Minister Arlene Foster.

The media coverage to support this high profile launch was great with Sands, Bliss and TinyLife spokespeople interviewed throughout the day on BBC News, UTV, several major independent radio stations as well as several newspapers, including the front page of major Northern Ireland daily paper the Irish News. To view some of the coverage please follow the link »