Boycott your bed and Camp Out for Sands! 

This summer, we challenge you to give up your bed for one night and sleep under the stars for Sands, knowing that by doing so, you're saving babies' lives and supporting bereaved families. 

Whether its a tent in the garden, or a den in the front room, everyone can create their own campsite and Camp out for Sands. Join the camping team by signing up this summer.

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3 images in a row. 1st image features 2 young children camping pretending to be astronauts with saucepans on their heads. 2nd image is a little girl camping in a tent. 3rd image is 2 young boys camping in a makeshift den created with broomsticks and a yellow blanket

Register your Camp Out 

Simply Choose your date and location, invite your family and friends along (or go it alone!) and collect your all important sponsorship for Sands. 🧡💙

There is medal of achievement 🏅 for children who raise over £100, plus all fundraisers who raise over £100 will be entered in to a prize draw to win a £100 M&S voucher - Perfect for back to School essentials or something sweeter! 🐷

When you register your Camp Out your fundraising page will be created automatically and we will send you our Camp Out Pack to help create your perfect campsite. 

Your Camp Out pack includes: 

🚩 Sands Bunting - to decorate your campsite! 

🖍️ A Children's Activity Sheet - Including a word search and dot to dots.

🎲 A Camping Games Sheet - Featuring sleeping bag races.

Sleeping Under the Stars Cut Out - Decorate and hang in your campsite.

📖 A Special Bedtime Story - links provided so you can watch before bed. 

➕ Optional Sibling Support Activity Book for bereaved siblings 

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camp out pack featuring 3 activity type sheets and orange/blue bunting.


If you simply cant wait for your pack or require extra materials you can download all the resources online.

We really hope you join us to give up your bed for one night and sleep under the stars. 🏕️
Together we will save babies' lives and support bereaved families. 🧡💙 Join the camping team by signing up this summer.


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3 images in a rwo. 1st image is a young boy with a tent in his front room looking through a telescope. 2nd image is 2 people participating in a sleeping bag race. 3rd image is Mum, daughter and dad sat in a tent decorated with fairy lights.



You may have questions about the challenge. If you need to speak to a member of our team, you can email

Do I have to sign up everyone camping?

No, simply register your Camp Out here. When doing so we will ask for details of the 'Camp Leader' and how many people are taking part in the Camp Out but you dont need to register each individual. 

Can I have extra activity sheets in my pack?

Our packs come as standard with 1 of everything. If you require extras you can download and print all our resources here

How do I fundraise?

You Camp Out fundraising page will be created for you automatically when you sign up

Share your page online with friends and family encouraging them to sponsor you. 

Who receives a medal?

Certificates of thanks will be sent to all who raise money. 

Medals will be send out to children who are part of a Camp Out that has raised over £100. 

When registering your Camp Out we ask you to tell us the number of under 12's participating so we will know how many medals to send should over £100 be raised on the fundraising page. 

Every Camp Out that has over £100 on their fundraising page will also be entered in to a draw to win a £100 M&S voucher.  

The cut off for all fundraising will be the 12th September 2024. All monies need to be paid on to the fundraising page by this date.  


How do we win the M&S voucher?

Everyone who has £100 sitting on their fundraising page by the 12th September will be entered in to the draw to win the £100 M&S voucher. The winner will be contacted by phone or email after this date. 

Are you a M&S Sparks member? Sands is one of the charities you can choose to be your nominated charity! With every £1 you spend, M&S donates 1p. Every penny makes a difference, make sure to nominate Sands as your charity. 




Can we host a work place or club/group Camp Out?

A fundraiser like no other, boycott your beds and camp in your office, village hall or scout hut! Simply register your Camp Out, invite everyone from the club/office to join you and raise some money for Sands. 

Once you sign up your fundraising page will be created automatically, make sure to change the title of the page to reflect your work place or group. This will act as one team page which can be shared by all participating. 

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