Sands - Understanding why your baby died

Some parents are keen to know why their baby has died. Others may feel unsure. Not all baby deaths are understood and more research is needed to understand why babies die.
There are, however, two possible investigations that might provide some answers. The first is a post-mortem; the second is a review. 
This chapter includes the following sections: 

  • Post-mortem examinations
  • What is a post-mortem?
  • When should a post-mortem take place?
  • What might a post-mortem examination tell you?
  • When is a post-mortem compulsory?
  • Ending a pregnancy for medical reasons
  • Limited examinations
  • Future pregnancies
  • Does a post-mortem examination include genetic testing?
  • Reviews
  • Hospital reviews
  • Keeping you informed
  • 0ther investigations
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