Sands Research Strategy: Saving Lives

In 2018 in the UK around 5,000 babies were stillborn or died within the first 4 weeks of their lives. This made up 75% of the deaths of children under 16 years old.

We still do not fully understand why many babies die, or what more can be done to prevent deaths. For as many as one in four babies the cause of death is still not known.

We also know the care and support for families when a baby does die is inconsistent and there are unanswered questions about what is most helpful.

We believe research can save babies’ lives and improve care and support for bereaved families. Investment in research is vital to increase knowledge, to improve care and to maintain the political will to reduce baby deaths around the time of birth.

We are committed to supporting and funding research so that we can:

  • Save babies’ lives by improving maternity and neonatal care
  • Understand why babies die
  • Provide better bereavement care and support

Our approach:

  1. Support bereaved parents to inform and shape research
  2. Work with others to create collaborations of research excellence
  3. Support research projects that will make the biggest difference to care and saving babies’ lives
  4. Use research to improve care
  5. Increase the profile and funding of all perinatal mortality research