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We’ve worked with the Institute of Health Visiting to create a one-day bereavement care workshop for Health Visitors. The training workshop is fully IHV accredited.

Our bereavement care workshop aims to provide Health Visitors with the knowledge, insight and skills to provide high quality, sensitive care to parents who experience the death of a baby, before, during or shortly after birth.

Here's what some Health Visitors have said about the training:

Extremely good training day! Everything was important to my practice and I feel better equipped to deal/care for bereaved families. Thank you (every health visitor should do this training day)

The whole day was fabulous. Very informative, very well delivered and very appropriate. Enjoyed every aspect of the day. Thank you

Thank you for a fantastic and well delivered study day. I feel more confident that I can approach families who have had a child bereavement. I will now be more aware that fathers also play an important part and also require as much support as other family members.

This was a really great workshop that should be included as mandatory training. Every parent has the right to be supported through their loss and have the opportunity to talk about their experiences.

If you are a Health Visitor and are interested in taking part in a Sands training workshop, email us at

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Sands Bereavement Care Training for Health Visitors: learning outcomes and session plan

In this document you'll find the aims, learning outcomes and session plan for our Health Visitor bereavement care training workshop.