Sands offers, evidence based and skills focused bereavement care training workshops for interpreters. Each workshop can have up to 20 participants.


To enable interpreters to develop the knowledge, insight and skills to facilitate effective and sensitive communication between health professionals and parents who experience the death of a baby, before, during or shortly after birth.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify the unique impact of grief on bereaved parents in relation to pregnancy loss and the death of a baby.
  • Identify and develop the skills and confidence needed to:
    • Interpret the delivery of bad news with sensitivity and clarity.
    • Facilitate effective and empathic communication with bereaved parents.
  • Understand why and how health professionals enable bereaved parents to make informed choices about: o
    • The memories they create with their baby
    • What happens to their baby’s body
  • Identify the important factors to be aware of when interpreting for parents in subsequent pregnancies and births.
  • Recognise the importance of good self-care when working with bereaved parents.

The parent experience runs throughout each workshop, with a guest parent speaker, film, audio and parent quotes.

Quotes from participants:

“It is great to be able to attend this training. I enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it and it's good meeting other interpreters and sharing experience and finding out about sands and the support they give”

“This reflection helped me to evaluate my performance as an interpreter. I got clearer idea of how to improve my interpreting performance in the future”

“That was very beneficial course. I will use the knowledge I gain today in my work especially in difficult and traumatic situation like a child death”

“I didn't think I could of learnt so much from the course”

Course cost

£840. Only £42 per person (based on 20 participants)

It includes:

  • A reflective workbook for each participant which includes information on bereavement care for the individual professional as well as practical information for the maternity unit.
  • A set of our publications (both for professionals and for parents and their families) that will be displayed in the workshop and then be given to the hospital or university.
  • Trainers’ fee, expenses and all administrative costs.

What you need to provide

A large room (not a lecture theatre) with PowerPoint facilities and capacity for a big semi-circle of 20 easily-movable chairs; a projector, screen, flipchart with paper/pens and refreshments.

If you are an Interpreter and are interested in booking an in-house Sands bereavement care training workshop, email us at