Endorsements from leading professionals who reviewed our one-day workshop; Pregnancy Loss and the Death of a Baby; Sands Training for midwives

‘I would thoroughly recommend the day for midwives and other professionals involved in maternity and neonatal care.  The training has a clear aim and appropriate, achievable learning outcomes. The day uses a wide variety of approaches to ensure that the day is lively and interactive, including film, sound recordings and group work and offers professionals with a valuable opportunity to practice sensitive communication skills. I feel that the content and approach of the day will be of great value for maternity care professionals in all four countries of the UK in improving the care that we provide to parents when they are bereaved.’  

Dr Mary Ross-Davie, Consultant Midwife and Education Projects Manager (Midwifery and Reproductive Health) for NHS Education for Scotland

‘Bereavement care is often the area that midwives feel less confident in. Luckily most staff don't encounter it on a regular basis and there is a great fear that they will do and say the wrong thing. This course would be very beneficial to staff working in all areas of maternity to give them the confidence to work with these families. It contains relevant up-to-date information and also allows time for discussion and personal experience. Sands provides a safe, supportive environment to allow all these areas to be explored.’

Jane Laking, Bereavement Support Midwife, Whittington Hospital, London

Feedback from Participants

‘Very informative & worthwhile day, will recommend to colleagues.’ Tunbridge Wells Hospital, January 2015

‘I found the training very helpful as I’m very new to the setting. I now feel more confident if I had a family to work with.’ Nurse, Hope House Children’s Hospice, January 2015

 ‘Enjoyed session. Very useful, definitely will help me in practice. Feel more confident and will be more aware of how I communicate.’ Midwife, North Devon March 2015

‘Informative day. Should be mandatory.’ Midwife, Kings College Hospital June 2014

‘This course has done wonders to alleviate my fears around stillbirth and neonatal death.’ 3rd Year Student Midwife, Canterbury Christ Church University May 2014

 ‘All of it was very illuminating, emotional but superbly handled.  A vital day/session.’  3rd Year Student Midwife, Cardiff University May 2014