Sands is currently working on a paper for NHS England in which we will make recommendations for the remit of the role of the bereavement midwife and also give some guidance on the support structures required around the role.

Sands is keen to see as many existing bereavement midwife job descriptions as possible, and to hear from bereavement midwives about what these recommendations should look like.

There is already a discussion in the Bereavement Care Network, but we are also keen for you to contact our Improving Bereavement Care team directly with any input on

If you are a parent and would like to feed in to this project, please do email Cheryl Titherly, our Improving Bereavement Care Manager, with your suggestions for the remit of the bereavement midwife role:

This paper will be finalised in alongside the National Bereavement Care Pathway project. Thank you for your support with this important project.