Engaging parents in review/investigation - Principles

Engaging parents in review/investigation - Principles

(Adhering to these principles rests with the governance structures of the Trust/Health Board)

  1. The review and investigation process should be thorough and transparent.
  2. Reviews and investigations should consider the whole care pathway from pregnancy to postnatal care.
  3. All parents should be offered opportunities to engage in the review and investigation of their baby’s death if they wish.
  4. Staff involved in engaging with parents around review and investigation should be specifically trained in bereavement care.
  5. The process for engaging parents should be individualised so that it is parent-centred and offers informed choices around engagement.
  6. Parents and professionals should be equal partners in reviews and investigations.   
  7. Parents should not be asked to repeat their story if there are multiple reviews and investigations.
  8. Clear, sensitive and honest communication is crucial to encourage parental engagement in reviews and investigations.
  9. There should be full disclosure of review and investigation findings, including action points relating to the findings of the review and investigation where improvements in care are indicated.