We have published two new leaflets this week, aimed at helping both employers and bereaved parents to deal with the emotional and practical issues which arise when parents return to work after the death of their baby.

Returning to work after your baby has died

includes information for parents about maternity and paternity benefits and about parents’ rights to time off and sickness benefit.  Returning to work can be an extremely anxious time and many bereaved parents feel vulnerable and anxious about telling colleagues what has happened, and are worried about how people are going to react.   The leaflet suggests ways of handling situations such as this, and covers issues such as displaying photographs of your baby and the need for time off for anniversaries or emotionally challenging times such as Christmas.

Information for Employers -  Helping a bereaved parent return to work

will help employers who are faced with the difficult and sensitive task of dealing with a staff member whose baby has died. It provides detailed guidance to ensure employers are equipped to deal sensitively and knowledgeably with a member of staff who has been through such an unimaginable trauma.

Click here to download a copy of this leaflet.