New booklet for parents - When a baby dies before labour begins.

Our new support booklet, When a baby dies before labour begins, has been written specifically for parents who have just been told that their baby has died. It covers all the things that they may want to know during the time between receiving this terrible news to the start of labour.

This booklet is the ideal guide for parents who are waiting for an induction or for labour to start spontaneously.  It covers essential topics such as; how the parents are likely to feel, their choices about the labour and its management, information on pain relief during labour and what to expect when their baby is born.

We recommend that it is stocked by maternity units, the ultrasound department and in the fetal assessment unit.

Once the baby is born, Sands well known booklet, Saying goodbye to your baby, which has recently been revised and updated, takes the parents onwards, through the issues, feelings and reactions that they are likely to have to deal with during the coming days, weeks and months, following their baby’s death.

To order copies of Sands new booklet, When a baby dies before labour begins, or copies of the newly revised booklet, Saying goodbye to your baby, please contact Sands head office on 0207 436 7940 or visit our online shop