Sands has today launched a new support booklet, Mainly for Fathers, which has been written specifically for fathers whose baby has died at or around the time of birth.  The booklet aims to help dads both emotionally and practically in the difficult days and months following the death of their baby.   The guide covers essential topics such as: the physical and emotional manifestations of grief, telling siblings, family and friends the tragic news, how to create memories of you and your baby and finding support.  The booklet also provides practical advice on many important areas such as: how to register a birth or stillbirth, legal rights and financial benefits, returning to work and the reactions of others.

The forty page booklet also highlights the thoughts of many bereaved dads, who were instrumental in the development of the booklet, with quotes including:

 “Most people tell you, ‘Be strong’ and ‘Don’t cry’. This advice may be well meant but I found it unhelpful. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of the love and pride you have for the child who has died.” Dad

“I have moved on, I can talk about the day she died and not cry – sometimes. I am proud of the little girl we lost.” Dad

Click here to view the leaflet.